Blacklake Village

Blacklake Village is a community of over 500 homes located on the mesa in Nipomo California.  We are surrounded by the 27 hole Blacklake Golf Resort.  Blacklake Village is a short drive from magnificent California Central Coastal beaches, vineyards and recreational centers.  Blacklake Village is managed by a unique arrangement of seven neighborhoods, each with its own small HOA.  These seven neighborhoods merge together under the Blacklake Management Association which leads to a tightly integrated community but allows for highly individual participation in community affairs.

If you are a resident of Blacklake Village sign in for news and information such as community calendar, forms, announcements, meeting agenda, and minutes.  If you are a visitor to our area click on the visitor link above for more information about our neighborhoods and area attractions.

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4 Responses to Blacklake Village

  1. Jim Appel says:

    Hard to assess in this stage due to necessity of completing information. Interesting that “Villaggio” has a banner and brief description. “Villaggio Resident” page list Board reps. Suggest Board reps be placed on sub association descriptor page and just list resident information on the other page. Also, banner shadow on “Villaggio” page needs to be raised such that the title can be read. As it is now, banner shadow blocks it out. Before forms are finalized, we should probably have a meeting of the minds to make sure they are ready for print (any additional suggestions to make them better, etc.) How will outdated content be managed (such as BL Golf course past events)? Nothing worse than a site clogged by a lot of outdated info.

  2. admin says:

    Thanks Loy,

    We have been constantly improving as we go and your comments are very helpful. I think we will launch community wide in about two weeks. Only need to have confirmed access for everyone.


  3. Sharon Petrick says:

    Tim Scott is the Landscape chair and Steve Baristic is no longer on the board.

  4. Sharon Petrick says:

    The picture of the Crown Pointe monument is upside down.

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